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LinkedIn Workshop – Basic

Over the last 2 years our workshops and information sessions have been conducted at and presented to:

  • Victoria University
  • The CEO Institute
  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • CPA Australia
  • Fearless Media Social Media Summit
  • Deakon Great Sales Ideas Conference
  • Numerous Professional Services Firms and SME’s
  • Our many clients

This 1 1/2 hour free workshop covered many areas to do with Linked In and showed the possibilities of what to do and what not to do. It helped me to see what I should and could be doing to improve my network and what ways I can use it to help others or find others to help me. I am enrolling in the half day worshop and found Gene an interesting and involving facilitator.

Judith Field
Director, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator at Direct Speech

Gene has proven his knowledge of social media LinkedIn to be extremely high and presented an extremely informative and thought provoking workshop to my clients who are now keen to use this medium of communication. A credit to Gene as he had a number of people in the room for whom the IT world is challenging, yet, he made it interesting and useful.

Nick Ikonomou
Member at Rotary Club of Eltham

This is a terrific starter workshop for understanding LinkedIn. If you’re not yet engaged with LinkedIn because it seems too daunting and time consuming this workshop will put you at ease and motivate you to really connect to LinkedIn.

Anne Serry
Business Manager at Briggs Communications

A very informative, beneficial, focused training session about using linked in and it’s many functions. A simple, step by step guided event that teaches you exactly what to do. Highly recommended. Thanks to Gene Stark, the presenter.

Benjamin McKinnon
Marketing Copywriter and Property Strategist

This is a great workshop to gain a better understanding of Linkedin. Gene knows his stuff, the short course was informative and beneficial. Very good

John Gemmell
Business Systems Specialist at iSystemize International

This was a FABULOUS introduction into the world of LinkedIn – it was certainly an eye-opener and gave me the basics to feel confident in this social media channel. Many thanks, Gene!

Rosie Brown
Management Committee Member at PEN (Practice Enterprise Network) International

Marketing with LinkedIn – Full Day Tailored Workshop

This is a great workshop run by Gene Stark for anyone who wants to know how to use LinkedIn as a professional marketing and communication tool.

Neville Christie
Syndicate Chairman at The CEO Institute

Although I have been using LinkedIn for several years, within the first hour of this workshop I discovered powerful ways to get my message to a very targeted audience and streamline the way I manage the identity and promotion of myself and my business. This is a day of time invested that will return many more days of value and more importantly create sales opportunities. Do this workshop now before you lag behind everyone else.

Mike Williams
Consultant at Laney Pickett Thomas

I participated in the Marketing networks full day linkedin workshop, it really was an eye opener and I found out things about Linkedin that I never knew and am today applying this knowledge to generate more business and relationships for my businesses. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take full advantage of Linked in.

Jan Vydra
Director at Nucleus Logic

I had very little understanding of the potential that Linkedin offers for creating new business & gathering relevant content for myself & my clients until I attended the workshop run by Gene. It will transform the way I go about not only creating new clients but better servicing my current clients & educating myself as well.

Todd Lehmann

Marketing with LinkedIn – Half Day Group Workshop

In half-a-day my LinkedIn profile went from ordinary to wow! If you’re serious about maintaining a professional profile and establishing valuable connections then I strongly recommend participating in this half-day workshop. Our facilitator Gene Stark (a LinkedIn guru) was able to educate, demonstrate, share tips, offer insights and provide feedback on each participant’s profile. I now have the confidence to explore LinkedIn and engage with it in strategic and intelligent ways.

Anne Serry
Business Manager at Briggs Communications

A 4 hour+ event training on using Linked In, full of useful tips and easy to implement strategies, that will improve your business reputation, enable you to confidently network with new, important business contacts, and of course, have fun in the process. I highly recommend this half day training, as I learned many things that can help grow my business, and also met people who are supportive, and who offer wise advice and other networking opportunities through the many people they know.

Benjamin McKinnon
Marketing Copywriter and Property Strategist

This workshop is an eye opener for me. As a newbie in LinkedIn this event gave me good knowledge of what I can do in LinkedIn as per listed deliverables above. as Gene Stark (the facilitator) said, LinkedIn “Leveraging and making connections visible”, this workshop showed me how visible it is to build my business network online efficiently and effectively.

Herman Andryanto
Promotional Consultant / BDM at Kiss Promotions

An extremely valuable workshop. Gene is very generous with his knowledge and expertise. Working online in your LinkedIn profile also means you get to do it all right there and then

Lisa Cutler
Director and Personal and Professional Development Coach at Cutler Coaching

Gene’s knowledge regarding social media is truly outstanding! He relates information at a level that is easy to understand, and encourages you to think outside of the box. He provides a service that is unique, empowering and more importantly inspiring. Gene provides a sincer quality of service.

Maryanne Katsidis
Marketing Assistant at The CEO Institute

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