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LinkedIn For Recruiters Half-Day Workshop



Finding the best candidates with the right fit in this current climate now requires planning and a sophisticated research approach, along with the ability to incorporate the right search tools. Advertising no longer brings up the most ideal candidates.

Hence methods used by Senior Executive Search Firms to target ‘passive’ candidates who are currently working, are increasingly being used at all levels. Using the latest web tools and learning how to search Linkedin efficiently will speed your time to fill roles, allow you to find the candidates which others cannot leading to a stronger market reputation for your work. 

Hear about insights from an Executive Search Researcher and apply these skills to your roles.

Who this workshop is for:

  • Agency Recruiters who want to learn how to tap into the 70-90% of the passive candidate market who cannot be reached through advertising
  • Recruitment/HR Managers needing to find senior executives
  • Small Business Owners who need to recruit but don’t have the budget for an agency or HR/Recruitment Manager.
  • Researchers and Resourcers who want to further develop their skills.


  1. Develop research plans and detailed boolean strategies to enable you to quickly find and locate the best candidates for your roles.
  2. Connect with the significant passive candidate market who are not actively looking for work
  3. Gain an understanding of Linkedin capabilities and how they apply to your business
  4. Go beyond Linkedin and gain an understanding of the latest web based tools available to help find the best candidates.
  5. Work on some real life roles using these advanced research methodologies

Key Deliverables

  1. Learn how to develop candidate short and long lists that will lead to placements and hires
  2. Develop advanced research plans
  3. Work with and learn how to use Boolean search operators
  4. Gain an understanding of what to look for in candidate profiles on linkedin
  5. Learn how to efficiently search linkedin using advanced search methodologies and boolean logic
  6. Research Methodologies Worksheets included

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