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LinkedIn for Job Seekers

$395/per person+GST

Finding your way to the people who might hire you, in a complex job market takes skill, networking strategies and persistence. Anecdotal evidence suggests finding your next role is taking 2-3x the amount of time it may have taken five years ago. A majority of recruiters and internal talent managers are now using LinkedIn to find and place candidates for their roles and many roles are now hidden, only posted to a recruiters network via LinkedIn. If you do not have a profile on Linkedin or cannot be easily found with the right keywords, you are missing out on the opportunity to showcase your skills directly to an employer. In fact some companies are even stating that, especially for roles, which require communication or sales skills, candidates must have a LinkedIn Profile as a pre-requisite.  “Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn”*

*Source: http://learn.linkedin.com/job-seekers/ 2012

This 2-hours LinkedIn Tailored Workshop includes: 


  • Learn how to develop a personal profile. Ensure it is targeted to recruiters and Heads of Talent
  • How to generate skills sets and keywords to make you findable
  • LinkedIn Content vs. Resume Content – understanding the difference
  • Build Targeted Company Lists using LinkedIn and other online sources
  • Advanced LinkedIn Search Strategies
  • Understand Company Structures
  • Connection Strategies: Learn how to engage potential employers and recruiters in a way that will appeal to them and get a response
  • Using LinkedIn for insights into the employment market and your target companies (who needs what you do..)
  • Contributions and Postings: Increase and draw traffic to your profile so the right people find you
  • Demonstrate your expertise to gain credibility
  • Adjust your settings, decide on the right subscription level to ensure efficient outcome

Key Deliverables

  • A personal profile review: A unique profile, targeted directly to recruiters and Company Heads of Talent.
  • Skillsets and keywords review
  • Search Strategies for finding the right employers
  • Connect with the Line Managers, Head Hunters and Talent Sourcers
  • Get Recommendations
  • Online Networking
  • Advanced Research Strategies: Company Information, Job Titles and Managers at the right level
  • Strategies for developing the right content
  • Build relationships with those who could hire you
  • Getting in front of potential employers and phone screenings
  • Personalised settings and recommendations on which level of subscription suits your needs.


  • Existing/Recent Resume with responsibilities and achievements
  • Photo
  • Contacts to be uploaded
  • Laptop will be provided if you don’t have access to one

Trainer: Karen Felder, Executive Search Recruiter and Careers Transition Consultant


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