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LinkedIn for Employment

LinkedIn is more than just a resume! Much more:

1. leverage the power of your connections

LinkedIn allows you to truly leverage the power of your connections and tap into the hidden job market, the so called 80% of the invisible jobs that are never advertised but are discovered by networking. Regardless of the debate around the hidden job market percentages, being on LinkedIn with a professional profile that clearly outlines what it is that makes you special will be an incredible advantage which will allow you to be found by and attract prospective employers, recruiters and head hunters.

2. An amazing tool

LinkedIn is an amazing tool that will enable you to:

  • be a proactive networker and interact with the people that matter, whether those that have the knowledge you are seeking or those that have the ability to connect you with the right decision makers
  • ask for advice
  • position yourself as a thought leader in your field of expertise

3. Research prospective employers

LinkedIn allows the job seeker to research prospective employers; the person interviewing them and the company itself or people inside the company that may provide inside information about the job, the culture, expectations etc. You can even get in touch and get information from the person who was last in the position you are applying for.

4. A Social Media Channel

LinkedIn is the Social Media Channel in which head hunters and recruiters spend most of their time, seeking out applicants that may not even be looking for a job. LinkedIn allows them to identify and interact with prospective candidates and employees. The other reason recruiters love using LinkedIn, is that it allows them to easily compare resumes (your experience and achievements) due to the common structure and format of every LinkedIn profile.

5. Organize and Manage your job seeking activities

LinkedIn is also an excellent way to organize and Manage your job seeking activities.At the very least, make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and reflects what you can offer prospective employers but to get real benefit from LinkedIn (and all other social media channels) you need to get involved in the community. Join groups, answer questions, help others get connected and achieve their goals. Remember the old saying – Givers Gain!
Here is the official Job Seekers Guide on LinkedIn


Linkedin for Graduates

Even Graduates can benefit from LinkedIn:

  • by connecting with classmates, faculty, family and friends on a professional level
  • by finding new opportunities for work experience, internships, and full time positions
  • managing what potential employers learn about you from the Internet, which will hopefully be more than your weekend party exploits on Facebook.
  • finally and most importantly to illustrate your ability to embrace the opportunities that social media presents to your future or current employer.
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official LinkedIn video here.
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