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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising allows marketers to reach an exclusive, well educated and highest income demographic online, with laser sharp accuracy.

LinkedIn Advertising is split into Display and Text advertising:

  • LinkedIn Display Advertising is for budgets over $25,000 and
  • LinkedIn Text Advertising is for budgets less than $25,000

LinkedIn Advertising can be bought on:

  • CPC
    Cost Per Click basis or on
  • CPM
    Cost Per Thousand basis (based on a number of impressions)
If considering LinkedIn Advertising you should carefully read
LinkedIn Advertising Guidelines

When developing your LinkedIn Ads in the LinkedIn Advertising section of the LinkedIn website you will be guided step by step through developing the most effective advertising methodology, from the images to use through to how to best write copy for your advertisement.

1. All direct response advertising success is dependent on 3 critical factors:

  1. How well you selected your target audience
  2. The strength of your offer and how well it is in line with your target audience needs and beliefs
  3. How creatively your advertisement communicates to the target audience; grabs their attention, stimulates their interest and desire and prompts them into action.

2. Like all marketing, LinkedIn advertising success is dependent on a multitude of strategic factors:

  1. How well your product or service meets prospect / customer needs
  2. How well your product or service delivers value
    (it’s never about price, and if it is then you are either selling a commodity item or you simply have failed to illustrate value)
  3. How convenient it is to buy and use your product
  4. How well you have communicated your value and uniqueness (your brand) to your target audience

3. Developing LinkedIn advertising requires the same skill sets as all other advertising:

  1. Strategic Marketing skills (above)
  2. Creative skills of Copywriting and Design

4. Finally,

Through testing and measuring LinkedIn advertising campaigns for ourselves and our clients we have learned a number of peculiarities about what works and what doesn’t. Every medium has its own set of parameters and it is only through continually testing, measuring and adapting can you truly learn and improve, making sure that your LinkedIn advertising is an investment rather than an expense.

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